South Carolina

Oconee County

Coon Branch Trail - Lower Whitewater Falls Spur

Trail to Coon Branch Natural Area and the Lower Whitewater Falls Overlook

The trail begins as Bad Creek Spur, which connects the parking lot near Bad Creek Reservoir to the Foothills Trail. Approximately a half a mile from the trailhead, Coon Branch Trail splits off to the left. From here, it's just under a mile to Coon Branch Natural Area, a virgin forest home to the largest Fraser magnolia in the state. Hike back to the Bad Creek Spur trail and turn left. After 0.1 mile, the Foothills Trail splits; continue on the northeastern (right-hand) Foothills Trail. After another half a mile hikers reach the Lower Whitewater Falls Spur, which leads to an overlook that, though pretty far from the falls themselves, provides a stunning view of the falls and surrounding area. The trail is 4.6 miles long, round trip.

Length: 4.6 miles

Difficulty: 5

Location: 35.0117, -82.9969

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